An author of various technical works and a subject matter expert, a few of his titles are available online. These books provide guidance to those who are interested in wireless technologies. One of his most interesting works is ‘The Dice Match’ which details about the permutations and combinations on dices and how predictions on the same can be done through online matching systems. His innovations on dice predictability, has also won him plenty of praise and awards for innovative ideating and augmenting.

Besides this notable work, his work titled ‘World Wireless’ has also triggered curiosity among readers. With his research primarily focusing upon improving the performance of wireless security in the World Wide Web, wireless sensor networks and wireless networks have been other areas of interests. Using Fibre Distributed Data Interface, Token passing, troubleshooting data transmission problems and identifying bugs in wireless networks have found ample space and attention in his works. In fact, network systems quality and security, have been major areas of his research interest, and find specific mention. A few of his research titles include,

Each of these titles and many others can be accessed online through various websites. Also while some of his work is in the public domain and is available for access to everyone, certain publications are for research purposes only. Those interested, can write in an expression of interest letter, and access can be granted at his discretion.