A regular schedule of his online classes is posted every month. Do stay tuned for more details in your region. You can also write in to us, and we will update you when a class of your interest comes up. The various courses Dr. Narendra Kohli takes up focus on the various topics given below.


Emerging Technology: Internet of Things (IOT) Wireless and Cloud Computing

This beginner level course enables learners to equip themselves with core technologies and platforms relevant for the smart future. Ending with projects, that help learners analyze wireless networks, this course is for those interested in getting an introduction into the neural networks of tomorrow.

Network Security: Threats and Opportunities

Available in beginner and advanced modules, this 12 week course takes learners through the various elements of network security. These include data transmission methods, network structure, formats and their relevance and role in security. The course also focuses on the integral elements of network security, which are maintenance of integrity, authentication and its importance and the challenge of maintaining confidentiality of the process. Treating every threat as an opportunity to improve and enhance a system, the course focuses on building mindsets towards that end.

Software-biased Wireless Networking

Available at beginner, mid-level and as advanced level courses, this program focuses on the range of software available today. Highlighting the positives and negatives in each software, the course gives an introduction into options that can be taken up. As Dr. Kohli also invites various other experts to be part of this 3 to 9 month course, wireless networking enthusiasts can get a detailed insight into a range of systems to opt from.