From path-breaking innovations in wireless networks to optical technology that can impact tomorrow, Dr. Narendra Kohli, has been at the forefront of new developments in information sciences and technology. Having had the wonderful opportunity of education in prestigious institutions around the world, the recognition through awards and titles and the privilege of associating with diverse organizations, his journey has been a rich and fascinating one. A comprehensive representation of his projects, and his persona form the core of this website.


Besides being a pioneer innovator, Dr. Narendra Kohli has also been active in the teaching profession as well. A professor at the University of Maryland, he is known for his guest lectures and sessions at many other universities in various countries as well. In fact, one of his students shares that ‘the hands on experience and ability to transmit the enthusiasm of innovation to his students is a rare combination that Dr. Narendra Kohli has’. His sessions are therefore fully packed and much looked forward to. Having travelled the world, worked in diverse organizations and solved different problems, Dr. Kohli believes that in constant and relentless pursuit of new technologies. He also strongly believes in the power of technology and the potential that the future generations hold in harnessing it to its fullest capacities.

Browse through the website to know about Dr. Kohli’s academic journey, and details of his work experience. Abstracts from his various papers, presentations, innovations and achievements can also be found here. His teaching schedules at various universities across the world have been listed here as well. Moreover, schedules for online classes that he conducts regularly are available as well. For more details on any specific aspect, do feel free to write in.