Dr. Narendra Kohli was born on February 15,1965 at Chandigarh, India. Having completed his early education at the Kendriya Vidyalaya, he did his graduation at Delhi University. A gold medalist in Computer Science, he chose this as his line of study and went on to pursue higher education at the Pennsylvania State University. He received his Ph D in ‘Wireless systems: Safety and security networks’ from the Penn State University. Known for his innovations in the line of wireless technologies, he also went on to work as a Professor at the University of Maryland. Ranking among the top 20 researchers on Wireless Information Systems in US, his work has won him many awards and much recognition.

With his career spanning over 26 years, Dr. Narendra Kohli has held many prominent positions in organizations across the world. Having worked as a researcher at the University of Hong Kong and National Singapore University, he also took up teaching positions at Indian Institute of Technology, a prestigious institution in India. He also held visiting positions at the Teesside University in UK, University of California (Berkley),and Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. A key contributing member in the line of research on wireless networks at the Princeton University, his various papers on the subject have been well appreciated. His subject interests have included IT/ICT Management, wireless networking management systems, Internet of Things and Big Data. Despite having a busy and packed schedule, Dr. Kohli is a wordsmith as well. During his free time, he pens down fiction and poetry, both of which reflect the diversity of this technical genius.

Awards and recognition

Over the course of his tenure, Dr. Kohli has been bestowed with various awards. He has been the co-recipient of the Best Paper Awards at various events such as ‘Wireless Networks- Programming and applications’ at MIT, USA and ‘Resource Management of Computer Networks’ at New York, USA. He has also received many accolades for his work in India and was awarded the ‘Indian medal for young scientists’, ‘Impactful innovation award’ and award for ‘Best PhD Thesis’. Over his tenure, he also received prestigious Fullbright fellowship and Goldwater scholarship as well.